How To Achieve Glowing Skin

How To Achieve Glowing Skin!

Clinic Director, Charlotte Nial shares her top tips and personal skincare regime!

Healthy, glowing skin comes from within, it’s not just about what we apply topically to the skin! Treating the skin both topically as well as internally will help you to achieve a very healthy skin and a clear, glowing complexion. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and the skin can hugely be affected by any internal factors, such as diet, stress, sleep deprivation, illness and low immune system!

I regularly receive lovely comments from my lovely clients and friends about my glowing skin, and thought it would be great to share my personal skin health regime and some top tips on how I keep my skin healthy and glowing.

My daily Regime

Topical Skincare AM

  • Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel to kick start my skin for the day.  A refreshing deep cleanse, gently exfoliates and refine my pores
  • Medik8 Dark Circles Eye Cream – a fab product to revive tired eyes, containing light reflective minerals and peptides
  • Medik8 C E Tetra Serum (Vitamin C serum)
  • Medik8 C Tetra Day Cream – Vitamin C is a great antioxidant to protect and fight off oxidative stress and instantly brighten the skin
  • I alternate between Heliocare SPF50 and Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protector (which has a gorgeous tint)
  • Young Blood Mineral Makeup

Topical Skincare PM

  • Vitage Revialising Facial Cleanser to remove any makeup and surface debris
  • A combination of Medik8 Retinol Serum and Medik8 Retinol Night Cream (Vitamin A)

Dietary Supplements AM

Although I have a very healthy, clean diet, I don’t believe we get all the vitamins and minerals our body needs from our food, and with a very hectic lifestyle, my body needs a boost!

  • Zenii Probiotics (taken as soon as I wake on a rested stomach)
  • Zenii Beauty Fusion Liquid supplement (containing Marine Collagen, and a combo of essential Vitamins and Minerals)
  • Zenii Omega Oils
  • Zenii Sunshine Bottled (Vitamin D) every person in this country should be taking Vitamin D!
  • Vitamin C (a boost during the Winter months)


I maintain a very healthy, clean diet with lots of healthy fats. I carry a water bottle around with me and make sure I regularly drink plenty of water throughout the day, to keep my skin hydrated internally. I love a cup of Green Tea, and it is a great antioxidant! I am a massive believer of natural health and believe diet can heal our bodies, prevent diseases and keep our skin looking young!

All of the above products mentioned are available at my clinic. I love meeting new clients for consultations, to help them achieve optimum glowing skin and help improve skin complaints.

Thank you for reading x