Skincare classics that will never go out of style

Skincare classics that will never go out of style

New and exciting formulas come and go but I’d like to champion the tried-and-tested products that have earned their place in make-up bags and cosmetic cupboards all over the land!

Below, I celebrate 3 ‘cult classics’ that live up to their promises and are worth every penny…

1.  Make everyday cleansing quick and easy with ‘Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse’ (£24.00).

This multi-functional formula turns from a purifying gel into a conditioning cream when massaged into the skin, successfully loosening dirt, impurities and make-up from the surface without disrupting the delicate lipid barrier.

A potent blend of antioxidants help repair environmental damage and revitalise the cells while soothing aloe vera and allantoin minimise inflammation to leave the skin looking refreshed and bright every time.

Suitable for all skin types, massage 1-2 pumps between damp hands to form a lather before massaging into the face and neck.  Rinse with warm water and repeat.  Can be used once or twice a day.

2. ‘Medik8 CE-Tetra’ (£63.00) is a highly stable and potent Vitamin C serum for people who want to combat sun-induced skin damage, as well as improve skin’s texture and tone.

This serum is specially designed for both men and women to protect against free radicals and stimulates synthesis of new collagen and elastin while preventing other signs of premature ageing.

Medik8 CE-Tetra contains lipid soluble Vitamin C for enhanced penetration and stability and Vitamin E which reinforces the effect of antioxidants, leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.

In the morning after cleansing, apply 3-4 drops directly to the skin and blend evenly across the whole face and neck.  Suitable for dry, normal or redness-prone skin.

3.  ‘PRIORI Advanced AHA Barrier Repair Complex’ (£41.00) is a silky emulsion which is designed to enhance skin moisturisation.

Infused with specific ingredients that help to strengthen and repair the moisture barrier of the skin, Barrier Repair hydrates, protects and corrects all skin types including sensitive and rosacea prone skin.

This product is enriched with the exclusive LCA Complex – a special combination of antioxidants and AHA’s Lactic Acid and Sodium Lactate that provides superior anti-ageing benefits and protects the skin from free radical damage.

Skin is left looking healthy, rejuvenated and protected whilst the appearance of fine lines and puffiness is significantly reduced.

Did you know? Advanced AHA Barrier Repair Complex is free from Parabens, Oil, Colours and Fragrances.

Apply 1-2 pumps to the face and massage evenly into the skin.  Use once or twice daily.